Chani Overstreet 

Voted 2012 Best of Denton County Personal Trainer!

Flower Mound, TX
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Chani Overstreet
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The passion I have for helping others realize their goals, keeps me energized and focused.  I have been active all of my life, from childhood, through four pregnancies, and right up to this morning! 

I started out as a dancer.  Then in the early 90's, I filled my need to move by becoming a group fitness instructor.  As one thing always leads to another, I added the rank of Peak Pilates instructor and NASM certified personal trainer.  

I feel that my understanding of bodies and how they move, really developed with my pilates training and work.  By combining my pilates and dance background with weight training, I changed my body in ways I never thought possible.  I am now an NPC figure competitor. Through this challenge I have taken my knowledge of nutrition and discipline to a whole new level. 

I take all of this and apply it to all of my clients and the programs I create. I knew I could help my clients make changes to their bodies by combining pilates principles with weight training and proper nutrition.  The results have been fantastic!  I am confident that I can help you see the results you are looking for!


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